Singapore Food Assocation Seeks to Attract Younger Applicants In Food Industry

The Singapore food industry has grown over the last few years.  With an active marketing campaign, the Singapore Food Association hope to attract young applicants to bring some innovation to the industry.  The president of the association, Thomas Peck, says that no matter how bad times are everyone still has to eat.  They are trying to recruit young applicants for managerial, quality assurance, and supervisory roles.

They hope to attract new applicants with an active social media campaign and advertising.  One campaign features successful people in the food industry that manufacture food products like rock sugar and health supplement on Instagram. Their stories will be filmed by students from LaSalle College of the Arts. These short films can be viewed by those interested in working in  the food industry in Singapore.

One company that will be featured is Mr. Dylan Hu of the Poli Medical Company and Poli Natural Health Process. He added automation to the family business to improve consistency of the product.  Food bloggers will spend time with local food industry workers and write about what they do.  Eventually they will have a road show with the food manufacturing process featured.

The SMFA conducted a survey that found that many students and workers thought the food industry to be labor intensive. Many people did not know that Singapore food products are exported globally to countries like the United States, China, and Italy.  The food industry employs over 45,100 workers and uses technology and automation. It seeks to expand the market of local products made.

The food division of Kay Lee and the Shiro Corporation increased the production of the products by purchasing new machinery. They bought new machines for the kitchens at Kay Lee that increased their roasted duck production to 1,000 per day.  A new double chamber vacuum packing machine increased production of frozen meals at the Shiro Corporation because it can seal 40 packages per minute.

The Singapore Food Association  need new workers in the industry the bring creativity and innovation to their jobs. This is the message of their campaign.

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